Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TechCrunch Reporting Getting Pathetic


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Earlier it was typos and Apple fanboy type posts that annoyed me. I pretty much ignored every article by Leena Rao, because I just hated the way she drafted her posts. But today…

Apple Has Finally Stuck A Dagger Into SMS. I Love It.

As one of the core new features highlighted today in iOS 5, iMessages has one purpose: to kill SMS. That is, traditional carrier-controlled text messages. iMessages will do this by replacing SMS with a service that Apple is in control of across all of their iOS devices. And here’s the real death blow: iMessages will be completely free.


I was rolling my eyes when I read this. BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) has been around for ages and has been doing the exact same thing. I was thinking out loud how come TechCrunch hasn’t heard of BBM and then I read the next line in the article.

Like Blackberry Messenger before it, Apple now has the strength to create their own device-to-device messaging application. And that’s exactly what they’ve done. And considering what a colossal rip-off SMS is, I can’t help but love this move.  It’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for.

Waiting for?? Why would one be waiting for something that’s been available for ages? And now there are even more options. What’sApp has been doing the same thing ACROSS platforms, and the list of instant messengers one can install on phones is a really long one.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a fan of SMS’s either. In fact, I avoid it as much as I can and get ticked off every time I have to send one to a contact who doesn’t have BBM or instant access to email or What’sApp or any other instant messenger signed in on his/her mobile (Yes, there are people like that – even today).

What bothered me about the article was the biased reporting.

Bye bye TechCrunch

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Anonymous said...

Apple Fanboyismnoma is a problem with most of gadgets sites. I remember Gizmodo avoided this by providing a link to view the site minus the apple related news.
News is always biased .. maybe digg.com is a good way to view news according to what you like and without the editors bias.