Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wallet Guard – Insurance Plan From Gulf Bank

Features of the Wallet Guard plans include five covers bundled in one innovative package:

  • Purchase Protection covers the client’s valuables when purchased with a Gulf Bank Credit or ATM card if damaged or stolen.
  • Lost Wallet provides coverage to customers who have lost or got their wallet stolen. This benefit covers the replacement cost of the wallet, purse, payment cards, official documents, driver’s license, passport or others.
  • ATM Assault and Robbery benefit reimburses the client for the money withdrawn from any ATM machine worldwide, should a robbery. Customers will also receive reimbursement of emergency first aid charges for bodily injury suffered during a covered ATM assault and/or robbery event.
  • Fraudulent charges cover protects customers against the cost of any unauthorized charges made on lost or stolen payment card.
  • Identity theft provides customers with reimbursement of expenses related to resolving an identity theft, including legal expenses as well as lost wages for time off from work.


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