Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mayawati (Bitch) Writes To PM

Ek Kutiya ki teen santaan – Mulaayam, Mayawati, Kaanshiraam.

Mayawati said NCW and NHRC give "undue importance to the smallest" of happenings in Uttar Pradesh, they "remain silent" on incidents and law and order situation in Congress-ruled states.


There is absolutely nothing wrong in writing to the PM inquiring why no action is being taken on a particular matter in a specific state. But if you are concerned why a particular National Commission is not taking active interest, wouldn’t it make more sense to write to that particular National Commission? Perhaps writing to the CM of that particular state too would make sense.

Anyways, that’s secondary. The reason I got ticked off by her remarks was because of what triggered these remarks in the first place.

A teenage girl was murdered at a police station in Lakhimpur Kheri (Uttar Pradesh). The commissions mentioned in Mayawati’s letter are NCW and NHRC which decided to send a fact finding team to Lakhimpur Kheri.

I am not a fan of National Commissions to begin with and fact finding teams / missions rarely find anything of any significance, but Mayawati referring to NCW and NHRC’s action as giving undue importance to the SMALLEST of  happenings - is pathetic, to say the least.

A teenager’s death in a police station may not be unusual in parts of Uttar Pradesh, but referring to it as smallest of happenings can’t be considered appropriate by even the most idiotic mind in existence (a close contest between George Bush Jr. and Sarah Palin).

In my opinion the NCW and NHRC’s efforts aren’t likely to produce any real results and are an exercise in futility, but one can’t refer to such efforts as giving undue importance. Call a spade a spade – go on record and say this is an exercise in futility and demand real efforts.

If Mayawati had to comment, she could have said that the state government is launching or has launched it’s own investigation and would be happy to assist the fact finding team. At least that would make some sense. We all know it’s just words and nothing of any significance is going to be uncovered by the investigation / fact finding team, but at least it doesn’t sound as pathetic as calling it smallest of happenings.

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