Thursday, November 1, 2012

I have been trying really hard - for a few years now, to avoid putting up crap like this. But… just can't help it anymore. So here goes:

This was posted on a forum yesterday:


Over the Eid holidays...we got to see some live 'action' too.

It happened near Al Kout, Fahaheel. An Indian driver (of a Q80) family was coming out of the parking, onto the main road, when he abruptly came in front of a Q80 chap n nearly met with an accident. The Q80 chap braked suddenly n shouted (something) at the Indian driver. The Indian driver too....replied (not in similar manner but almost)....which, pissed off the Q80 chap. He moved his car in front and blocked the path of the other....and rushed out and went over to the driver's side.

The window on the driver's side was down n after a few heated words....he started to punch the driver. Though the driver was taken by surprise from the sudden left n right jabs....he too retaliated in kind and threw blows after blows, at the Q80 chap. The only thing restraining the driver was the seat belt tat he had worn....otherwise I'm sure he wud hav given the Q80 chap a real thrashing. The other occupants of the old lady n her Indian maid...came out, to separate both of them....but on seeing their driver returning the blows equally n at par...they backed off.

Anyways...after a few minutes....the punches stopped n the Q80 guy backed off...thinking...."enuff was enuff....n it wud be wise to back off...while I'm still able to stand"...and went back to his car. Tats when I noticed his face had blood oozing n a few scratches below his eyes.

The other thing was tat it was just at the round-about of al Kout n traffic was backed up, till the fish market entrance...but none of the other drivers, came out, to stop or separate them.

And I thot tat they exchanged gifts during Eid, instead of 'blows to the face'.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but… you were there. Did YOU get out and intervene?


It's not like YOU did anything about it. Other than sit and watch the 'live action'.

Perhaps I should give you the benefit of doubt.

Perhaps it wasn't your intent to highlight the 'no one gives a damn' or the 'why should I bother' attitude of the people. Perhaps you weren't criticising the attitude of the other motorists who did not jump to help the sparring parties or intervene to solve the problem. Perhaps you honestly just wanted to give an account of what you witnessed. Perhaps…

The primary reason for me not being able to extend the benefit of doubt to you is - THIS ISN'T the first time you have said or done something like this. I DO know you. We have interacted personally. I HAVE been reading your posts for YEARS now. I KNOW EXACTLY what you intended to highlight towards the end of that post.

Seriously mate, this is NOT cool. Stop it.

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao.

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Anonymous said...

Since you know the guy and what his intention of putting that up was.. then why bother. Some people stay the same, hard headed , menace to the society and cantankerous by nature. (i know a few myself).