Thursday, November 1, 2012

Now, Rajasthan Panchayat Says No Mobiles For Girls


Jaipur: A community panchayat in Rajasthan has unanimously favoured prohibiting girls from using personal mobile phones in order to ensure that they do not get involved with boys.

…Girls using mobile phones are easily connected and approachable and this freedom may create unnecessary problems for her family", Durga Lal, Sarpanch of Bhandarez,

… "It was a common opinion, passed unanimously, not a binding decision. If anybody wants to allow girls in his family for using and carrying personal mobile phones, he can do so but I hope that everybody would follow the common opinion because ultimately it is for good", he added.


The cunts Panchayat is of the opinion that a girl and a boy can get connected / involved via mobiles and that may lead to unnecessary problems for the family.

For a second, let us all believe that there is absolutely no other way / medium through which a boy and girl may be able to get 'connected / involved'. Now my question to the 'elders' of Bhandarez is - Why prohibit just the girls from using mobile phones? Why not prohibit the boys as well??

Wouldn't it be 'ultimately for good' if the mobiles were taken away from the boys as well?

Bharat maata ki… (for the ones who want to make an issue over that phrase - its a song, you fucking retard).

Duniya mein chutiyon ki kammi nahin hai.

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Anonymous said...

This is just ridiculous.

I cannot get myself to imagine for a minute that there is no other means for a girl and boy to get connected.

The Panchayat (whoever constitutes the pachayat) knows this is stupid and that's why they HOPE that eveybody would follow the common opinion (and not throw stones at them)
This is like when we were kids and made our own rules while playing cards or monopoly.