Monday, November 12, 2012

Return Of The Attention Whores


Activist Anna Hazare on Sunday warned the government that he will go on fast if a strong Lokpal bill was not passed by Parliament by 2014.




"Yes, our team has spilt. But I believe both the paths are necessary. We thought that politics is not our way. We will not be enemies. A volunteer can choose his path. They should be clear in their mind. It should not be that they change minds frequently," he said.

Err… like the way Anna changes his mind after every other press conference / core group meeting?!? Nautanki saala.

In other news


Singh on Sunday compared Kejriwal with Sawant, saying that they both try and expose, but without any substance. Singh had tweeted: "Arvind Kejriwal is like Rakhi Sawant . They both try and expose but with no substance. Apologies to Rakhi Sawant I am an old fan of hers !"


As if to prove the point that Digvijay Singh was trying to make, Rakhi Sawant responded - "He will now know, what I can do. I am in talks with a lawyer and will definitely drag Singh to the court for insulting a woman. Why don't they concentrate on their work rather than talk about others in a derogatory manner".

I am not a fan of the politician, but I think Singh's tweet was pretty cool / funny.

BTW, I missed out on the TOI typo - Screenshot below:

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