Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Shit From Shining India, This Time Thanks To The Election Commission

I have read the news article a couple of times, and … I still find it difficult to swallow.


The EC guidelines allows its officials to use any car for a token payment if they need the vehicle.

A senior officer of a corporate company, refusing to be named, said, "I was returning to Vadodara with my driver on Saturday evening, when the cops just took away the six-seater car saying that they needed it for the elections. We pleaded that this was the company CEO's car, but they refused to hear anything." He said the cops did give them a receipt and promised to pay Rs 800 per day for the vehicle as rent.

Another corporate honcho said, "My driver was coming back after dropping guests at the city's international airport. The cops just took away the car and asked the driver to go back in auto-rickshaw. We tried our level best to get back the car, but the cops refused to even hear us."

The Ahmedabad traffic police have so far confiscated 21 trucks, seven buses and 13 light motor vehicles. "Till election, there are going to 60 companies for security and each company would require eight vehicles and hence Ahmedabad city police will require 480 vehicles," said a senior officer.


What nonsense! It's not as if the vehicles were commandeered in the course of a pursuit. They need the vehicles for monitoring / observing the state elections!

If the officials need cars, let them get the cars from the rental agencies. Lease them, rent them, buy them. You can't have cops confiscating private vehicles without the consent of the owner.

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