Monday, December 10, 2012

Case Against Dad For Fake Gold Gift


"A few months after my marriage, I realized that most of the sovereigns were not real gold. My husband asked me to ignore it, but I felt cheated and decided to approach the police," said Fathima, who got married on January 26, 2012.

"My father is a rich man and I want to ensure that he replaces the 22 sovereigns of 'fake' gold with real gold. I don't expect anything more from him," Fathima fumed.


The headline suggests that this was supposed to be a gift. Being disappointed is one thing. Approaching the police to register a case (over a gift) is just pathetic. Of course, it would be different if fake gold was intentionally misrepresented as real gold and then SOLD to her. In that event 'feeling cheated' and approaching the police would make sense.

Why does the shameless greedy money hungry gold digging bitch Fathima  believe that she is owed the gold in the first place??? Suppose she received a fake LV bag from someone as a wedding gift. Is she going to sue the relative and "expect" a real LV bag?!?

A gift of fake gold sovereigns can be frowned upon - for sure. But someone needs to tell the bitch Fathima that the world does NOT owe her a living. She can not legally force her father to give her a gift that she "expects".

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