Friday, December 14, 2012


Not bad.

It is evident that a lot of effort had been taken to present a balanced/unbiased view. An effort to make a film on a very real issue. Not many film makers manage to get that right. Actually, not sure if many film makers even care about getting that right. Prakash Jha should be appreciated for the effort, at least.

Actors/Performances – I am used to seeing much better performances from Abhay Deol and a lot of below average performances from Arjun Rampal. In this film, everything was reasonably ok.

What I did not understand:

  • The casting of Esha Gupta as an Intelligence Officer (rolls eyes). She is good to look at, no one is contesting THAT. But… an Intelligence Officer?? That's a bit of a stretch.
  • There is a scene in the film (approx Time Marker - 1:46) where the 'Intelligence' Officer uses the term GSM instead of GPS. This isn't really the actor's fault. It SHOULD have been corrected during the post production/editing.
  • The Item Song included in the film… I didn't see the point.

What would have made this film EXCELLENT:

  • More of Rajan (Manoi Bajpai). There SHOULD have been more about the character's background.
  • Stress on the ideology and not just on the method. Everyone is aware of the method, but not many understand the ideology (unfortunately).
  • Edit out that stupid Item Song.

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