Monday, January 21, 2013

Delhi Court Can't Find Someone To Translate From English To Hindi!


Jha (44) had asked the trial court to provide him with the copy of the judgment in Hindi so that he could read it. With no provision for a translator, additional sessions judge Kamini Lau wrote a letter to the district judge seeking a person to translate the judgment, only to discover that the district courts have no translators.

…In its reply, the district judge said that despite repeated requests made to the Delhi government, nothing has been done so far. "This has been our long standing demand for creation of posts and vacancies for translators in Delhi court pending approval before Delhi Government...till date no assistance has been provided," stated the reply.

With no other option in sight,
the court has now directed the Administrative officer Rohini court complex to ensure that either a translator is hired independently from Delhi University or alternatively a request to be made to the High Court to provide for the translators available to them for assistance through the Registrar General.

It is only due to the non-availability of the translator that the verdict has been deferred twice and now the court has fixed the matter for pronouncement of the hearing next week.


It's a court matter and they would require an official translation… agreed.

Assuming that Judge Kamini Lau has no knowledge of Hindi (rolls eyes) and is incapable of translating English to Hindi herself, AND further assuming that not a single official in that court has working knowledge of Hindi - The administrative office could have the translation done from any one of the hundreds Typing / Translation centres all over Delhi.

A true attested copy of the verdict would be given to the typing centre for translation. The Hindi translation would then be presented to any magistrate / notary public who would then attest the translated document. Done. Now it's official.

Dragging it on because they don't have a translator on payroll?!!? What bullshit. Seriously, the country is a fucking joke.

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