Monday, January 14, 2013

"People Without FaceBook Accounts Are Definitely In The Minority" - Err… Says Who?!

Read this on Gizmodo today:


Whether it's a hipster statement, like not owning a TV, or an attempt at privacy in the allegedly post-privacy age, people without Facebook accounts are definitely in the minority.


Points to consider:

  • It was only in October 2012 That FaceBook crossed 1 Billion users [Link]. This includes multiple accounts, fake accounts, spam accounts, company accounts, accounts for pets, accounts for unborn children etc.
  • Total Population of the world (approx) - 7,091,536,000 [Link].
  • Age Demographics (June 2012) [Link]:
    • 0-14 Years - 26.3%
    • 15-64 Years - 65.9%
    • Over 65 Years - 7.9%
  • Internet Users Population (June 2012) - 2,405,518,376 [Link].

The Math:

  • Considering Total Population - 1 Billion out of 7 Billion - doesn't make a majority.
  • Considering Only 15-64 Year Olds - 1 Billion out of 4,673,322,224 (65.9% of 7,091,536,000) - doesn't make a majority.
  • Considering Only Population with Internet Access - 1 Billion out of 2,405,518,376 - STILL doesn't make a majority.

For the bunch of people who will argue about me ignoring the 0-14 age group - please note - ignoring that age group only helps boosting the percentage in favour of individuals who agree with the claim that people without FaceBook accounts are in the minority. Even with that unfair benefit, the statement remains incorrect.

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao, apni akal ladaao.

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