Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fastest ONLINE Sprinter ?!?

I am aware that there are a lot of individuals who do care about which country holds the record for the longest sandwich or the largest pizza. Somehow it is considered an achievement if one is recorded as the tallest/shortest/thinnest/fattest individual in the world / region (I am absolutely clueless as to how this can be termed as an achievement).

Every now and then there are new 'categories' being added. Some of them are just… stupid (in my view).

Coming back to the point - It seems that Guinness World Records has an online 100m Sprint game and some geek from Karnataka completed the race (rolls eyes) in 'record time'. As ridiculous as this seems (at least to me), it gets MUCH worse.

The article by Pavan MV appearing on TOI states:


What do Usain Bolt of Jamaica and Roshan Ramachandra of Chintamani share in common? Nothing to say the least. But both have a passion for speed. While Bolt blazes the athletic tracks to be regarded the fastest man on Earth, Roshan Ramachandra has given Bolt a run for his money online.


Seriously mate, what the fuck are you talking about!? It is bad enough that Guinness World Records actually believes THIS (an online game) crap is a 'record' of sorts but trying to draw comparisons with Usain Bolt and stating that the geek from Karnataka has given Bolt a run for his money online!?!

How do such crappy articles get an OK for publishing??

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