Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Seventh Scroll - Wilbur Smith

Royan is a bitch. Fucking retarded cunt. Annoying, irritating, downright stupid.

I did enjoy reading the book, but I didn't read it the way a book is supposed to be read. I was rather liberal with skipping through passages. I skipped through most of the stuff about figuring out the riddles of Taita. I did try a bit, but I just couldn't get myself to care enough.

Gotthold von Schiller - A disappointing villain. I found the character rather idiotic. Didn't come across to me as 'ruthless' or 'terrifying' or 'powerful' or even 'influential'. Just idiotic.

Nicholas Harper - Excellent!

Tessay - Well etched character. Likeable as well.

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