Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Just because one is successful, doesn't mean that others should EXPECT him to be charitable. Charity is supposed to be VOLUNTARY. Or is it that somewhere along the road, people forgot this basic concept?!

Look, I am sorry that millions of people are starving all over the world. BUT I am not obligated to feed each and every one of them… or even one of them. There is no obligation. I will help only if I want to help. I will donate only if I want to donate. The world does not owe us a living… similarly, I do NOT owe it to the poor or the needy.

IF and WHEN I choose to do so, is entirely up to me. Also, please note - Just because my contribution to some charity doesn't get published in a gazette doesn't mean that I have not contributed. Some of us do not like the idea of publicising our donations. Most improper. Undignified approach.

We are expected to pay taxes (if applicable) to the government - on the income earned in that particular country. From the collected taxes, the government provides public services, subsidies, social welfare or whatever. Paying taxes is mandatory and with that my obligation has been fulfilled. Do NOT expect me to be apologetic for making more money than you. I am NOT a success BECAUSE of you. In fact, I am a success IN SPITE of you!

If you feel SO BAD for the starving population, then use YOUR money to feed them. How dare you tell me how I SHOULD spend my money?! Who died and made you the king of the world?! Saale chotte log, neech zaat!!

Bhikhaari bheekh maangte hain. Demand nahin karte. Tumko bheekh den ya na den, ye faislaa karne ka haq HUMAARA hai… tumhaara nahin!

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