Tuesday, August 27, 2013

'IF' Investments Start ?!


If investments start, many things will happen... demand for various things will increase


Surely, you meant ONCE investments start!

Many things will happen - Yes. More investments will lead to more accusations of corruption, more committees and indefinite stalling of actual investments.

Expecting a deal that would be free of any corruption whatsoever would be naive, but could you guys be a little sensible about it (this time at least)? Khaao. Khaane se kaun manaa kar raha hai. From every INR 100 spent, no one will have a problem if you syphon off INR 10. Distribute this among everyone. Keep the people involved (and the opposition) happy. Khaate to sab hain. At least INR 90 would be spent as intended.

Considering you are looting the exchequer, there shouldn't be any reason to feel bad about receiving a reduced share. Loss of potential income is not a REAL LOSS. Waise bhi, haraam ki kamaai mein thodi kammi ho bhi jaayegi to kaunsi badi baat hai?! Zyaada laalach nahin karna chaahiye. Mil baant ke khaao - pyaar badhta hai.

And if it is not too much to ask for, can we please get rid of CAG?

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