Monday, June 23, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal Makes Another Promise


"I know we shouldn't have resigned and I apologize for it. But this time, I promise I will not resign," said the leader during his 25-minute speech.


I always found it difficult to take this joker seriously. Didn't matter what he was saying, I just found it laughable. But for those intellectually challenged morons who DO take this clown seriously - Here is a statement he made in 2013 (just before 'forming the government' in Delhi).

We all know what happened after that.

Now coming back to 'this time, I promise I will not resign' -Well… your party first needs to get majority votes in the elections. Aur agar itni nautanki ke baad bhi logon ko akal nahin aayi… tou iss desh ka kuchch nahin ho sakta.

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