Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Idiotic Conversation Starters

Just happened.

A co-worker just walked up to me and says (after G'morning) - 'Do you know how many kilo from my house to office?' (exact words).

I slowly sipped my tea and turned to face her 'You mean Kilometres, right? No. I don't know how many kilo from your house to office and I don't see any reason why anyone would give a damn'.

She walks away, and now I can hear her screeching voice in conversation with another co-worker about the psychology of men in the middle east (*rolls eyes).

Sigh… people are sad.

6 Opinions:

BlasphmousB said...

My question is why is she asking YOU the distance from her house to office? :P

L o r d R a j said...

It's my assumption that she posed a rhetorical question which she would have answered immediately had I shown even the slightest of interest and then proceeded into some discussion about traffic or crap like that.

I admit, I wasn't curious enough (then or now) to bother entertaining the daft cunt.

Unknown said...

Gosh! She was clearly dropping a hint... Nawaab saheb! Expecting you to ask her where she lived... and more.
"Men in middle-east" certainly don't seem to get it!

With the 'Slade nowhere is too far ;)

How did you ever pick up women so easily?

L o r d R a j said...

I wonder what gives you the idea that I picked up women (easily or otherwise). Aur waise bhi, abhi itne bure din bhi nahin aaye ke 'aise' logon ko pick up karen.

Har dar pe jo jhuk jaaye... usse sar nahin kehte.

Unknown said...

Well, all those women and your charm, there had to be some way that they could get across what they wanted to you.
I don't know who this woman is... so no comments on if she is 'worthy'.

L o r d R a j said...

All 'those' women - well I would strongly contest as to who was doing the 'picking up' part.

Other than that, I know not of the 'charm' you speak of. I am a simple man, well aware of my shortcomings. No looks to boast of. No 'charm' as you put it. No patience. No literary scholar.

Hum to bas HUM hain. Simple, seedha, saral, saadhu aadmi.