Saturday, June 7, 2014

Humshakals – Soundtrack

The lyrics are horrible (Khol de dil ki khidki… khol de dil ka door - Ye kya kachra likhte rehate hain?). The music is shit. Nothing extraordinary about the vocals either.

One song does deserve a mention - Barbaad Raat. In a completely rubbish album, it takes a superhuman level of incompetence to make just one song stand out as the shittiest of them all.

Very average vocals. Below average music. Horrid lyrics (Masti sar pe chadhdh rahi hai, sunn le dil ki baat. I am so crazy for you baby don't you break my heart. Ho na jaaye barbaad teri meri raat) … and then… for some reason there is a group of human voices trying to howl like stray dogs! WHY??? Wasn't the song bad enough already that you had to put in the cartoony bhoompu and the idiotic stray dog howling?!


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