Monday, May 28, 2007

Insult to National Honor - !!??!!

Read this news article today morning - Murthy faces criminal case over national anthem row.. I honestly thought the issue was over. Guess it's going to take some time.

It's very disturbing (for me atleast) when I see such petty issues being blown out of proportion when there are much more important issues - pertaining to general public interest - that remain neglected.

What's surprising is that the instrumental version of the national anthem is played for a lot of other occassions too. Olympics, asian games yaada yaada yaada. Guess no one ever bothers to pay attention to these things unless they can file a case against some public figure. Seems like they need to attack a public figure to show-case their own 'national pride'.

Just incase this wasn't bad enough, just want to highlight one more point. Some of the people who were OUTRAGED by this - (speaking of some individuals - who I know on a personal level) - hold the opinion that the national anthem of India was in fact composed in the praise of King George - V.

If you believe so, then why get outraged now?? Just seems contradictory thats all.

Like I said.. some individuals believe that Tagore uncle wrote it in praise of the king. Although clarifications have been issued but then, the individuals I am referring to here, believe that the clarifications/explainations are just a cover for the goof up. May be it was... who knows, this topic - some other time.

But seriously, there are a lot more important things in this world that actually deserve attention than moorthy bhaiya playing the instrumental version of the national anthem.

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