Friday, May 25, 2007

Religion - OHH MY GOD!!

Personal view - believing in god doesn't necessarily mean that you have to believe in a religion too.

In all likelihood - I will be going to hell, but I am pretty sure it won't be because I chose not to follow any religion.

Had put up a similar post earlier on the same subject. Just decided to take it a bit further.

This is the way I look at it. God made man (of course everything else that goes with the territory) god didn't make religion. Now, how do you think god would feel when his creation (human beings) discriminate among each other, and that too - IN HIS NAME?

I mean, if it wasn't bad enough that mankind is divided based on numerous grounds - sex, geographical boundaries, language, social standings, financial status, education etc - did we REALLY require another basis for distinction?

Does it really matter what rituals or practices one follows? I mean - sure, they have a traditional and cultural importance associated with it. But don't you think at times we take these a little too far?

I don't intend to start a debate here, but its' just that.. the message in all the religions is pretty much the same. All that we are expected to do is believe in god.. the all merciful and the all forgiving. The omnipotent and omnipresent.

Surprising.. we associate phrases like - all forgiving and all merciful - with god, yet - when it comes down to it - we present such a scary picture. Does the following line sound familiar: -
" if u dont do .. so n so.. you are going to hell for sure."

I personally don't envision god's kingdom as a rigid dictatorship. If it was so.. god wouldn't have given us the gift of instincts.

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Anonymous said...

,"god didnt make religion", ..Tats rite... God indeed dint create religion.

Religion is just a noun tats used to describe a set of beliefs/faiths that people follow...and surely a division based on religion is not needed.

But it so happens tat different religions profess different beliefs and practices and its these beliefs that differentiate one from another.

Division based on religion may not be necessary..but to say all religions have similar beliefs may not be true. :)

L o r d R a j said...

Perhaps :)

all im happy abt is to see another individual say:

"Religion is just a noun tats used to describe a set of beliefs/faiths that people follow...and surely a division based on religion is not needed."

thats enough for me :). nice to know that there still are people who are capable of thinkin.

thanks mate.

Christabel said...

Thanks for the appreciation :)

Fortunately there are many more people who understand this fact...but just tat they probably havent voiced it out...or may be they havent seen ur blog yet :)

--- Just another pilgrim

Anonymous said...

I take a walk don ur site, felt this topic intersting but very common, U got ur reasons to think smarter than the rest but end of it all Do u remember wat were u before ur birth or also do u even know what happens after ur death, Now if we do believe in a something that say no religion then there is no real past and no real future for mine and ur existence. Noe i dont believe the shit that science says regarding we all were born from an algae and all that shit... So in my language I feel that religion just gives a hope of your future also securing your past... Also hell and heaven is something that religion brought up. Use ur words carefully when you say there is no religion and when you say you might not go to hell and go to heaven.

L o r d R a j said...

ur call Steve..

to each his own.

btw.. nobody was talkin abt the Evolution theory anyways.

no religion means no real past or future. well thats ur take on it.

Ma view is.. believin in God is much more important.. n havin faith in religion is pretty much optional.

i choose not to give weightage to that option.

Abt Heaven n hell.. well i believe thats decided by God n not by Religion..

from ur post.. it jus seems that u believe that God cant exist without religion.

Fair enough.. ur belief.

ma view is god exists INDEPENDENT OF EVERYTHIN (includin religion)

Anonymous said...

Yes I am with you on your take your absolutely right that God is the sole importance and not a religion and also "God exists independent of everything" but without a religion does your God or Our God tell us what happens to us after we die depending on the good we do and the bad we do. I could be a serial killer and think it aint wrong coz there is no God that tells its wrong. So as I said before religion is a system which gives the rules or laws for us to coexist. and Yes again God is more important than religion but without religion it will be difficult for each one to respect one another which is way important at this 21st century.

Also I see that you have done a very wonderful job on your blog. Keep it up. I have recommended my friends to check your site too..

L o r d R a j said...

Hey thanks for the comments. n thanks for the recommendations too. Appreciate it.

ur views might be different from mine n thats actually a good thing. imagine if everyone agreed with only one view.. then we wouldnt really have much to talk abt .. right :)

its like u would say somethin, i would say .. "yes yes".. n that would be the end of the conversation.

havin a difference of opinion infact encourages communication n i want to thank u for that too.

BarryUno said...

Religion according to me is just a bunch of rules, beliefs and guidelines set by people. Most of us believe in God but that belief is somehow overlooked when we get pushed into believeing certain things about our own religion by our parents and elders. Very few of us actually read up on other religions and point out the similarities (believe me there are tons of them) in different religions.

My personal philosophy is treat others the way you'd like to be treated yourself (not in a BDSM kind of way of course).

Either way all said and done, I think most of us ARE going to hell! ;-)