Friday, May 11, 2007

An Interesting Debate..

A few days back, I had a very interesting discussion with a friend of mine. Now it wasn't really the subject that was interesting but it was her approach.

The topic was actually very simple (of course another beaten to death topic) - harassment of women because the child she gave birth to wasn't a male child.

Now, like all sensible people, I too think that this is complete nonsense and shouldn't happen. Of course one does have their preferences. For example - I PREFER to have a son. That's simply because I THINK THAT - I know what boys want and it will be fun to give all that to my son before he asks for it and spoil him (well you have your dreams.. I have mine)

Either ways, swaying from the point here - what I was saying is that.. harassing the mother for not delivering a male child is ignorant.. and the friend I referred to - in the beginning of the post - agreed with that. However, she had a very interesting approach to the subject.


She backs up her above statement with scientific facts (which is usually the right way to go about any discussion) - she says 'the Mothers ovum contains only X chromosomes and the females can't produce Y chromosomes at all.
The father, on the other hand, can produce both X n Y chromosomes'

I totally agree with the scientific fact. Of course we all know that for a male child to be born the fusion should result in a X Y chromosome pairing and for a female child to be born the pairing should be XX.

But what my good friend seemed to be conveniently forgetting is - the Father doesn't really get to pilot the Y chromosomed sperm cells to the ovum.

Millions of those little guys are shot into the err.. pathway - so to speak. One of them might just manage to get to the target and fuse. I just can't seem to understand how does the father determine which one of those little guys goes to the target and fuses.

Unless the fusion is being done in a lab... (NO! I don't mean go to the lab and have sex.. what I meant was - hell you know what I meant).

Come on. Let's be realistic here. It isn't like this process is a game on PS 3 or X-Box. It's highly unlikely that the father gets to control the movements of the sperm cells - guide them to the target. The thing is - by some stretch of your imagination - EVEN IF THAT WERE POSSIBLE - how does the father identify which one of the sperm cells has X chromosome and which one has Y??!!!!!

I addressed the question to my friend giving her tonns of examples. Should Mitsubishi Motors get the credit because you got into your Lancer and made it to work without banging the car on the way? Or should Microsoft get the credit because you managed to make a great presentation? (well Mistsubishi produced the lancer, and Microsoft produced the Windows.. so .. you get the point right??)

Just because the father can produce the Y chromosomed cells, doesn't really mean that he can also identify them when they are.. ehmmm.. fired away - so to speak. Not only can't the father identify them, he can't exactly pilot them to the ovum and ensure fusion.

Now unless there was an upgrade to superman's X ray vision powers or some nano tech firm came up with nano-pilots which have a chromosome identification kit, and which get attached to the sperms as they are being shot out, I don't think you can hold men responsible for determining the sex of the embryo (I really have to stop reading Michael Crichton... sheesh)

Like I mentioned earlier.. just because Boeing manufactures 747 jets, you can't give them credit for a good take off, smooth flight and perfect landing, can you?? The credit goes to the pilot and of course nature too because - it didn't rain - the runways weren't slippery.... yaada yaaada yaaada.

The thing is - regardless of what SOME women might think.. MEN REALLY DON'T GET TO INSTRUCT THE LOAD THAT'S FIRED AWAY.. it's not like we get to brief them on their mission and assign them different positions to launch an attack.

And men DEFINITELY DON'T get to choose which one of the little guys hits the target.

Just because some pathetic people thought (and continue to think) that it's the women who are responsible for the sex of the embryo.. it doesn't really mean that women can now start saying that it's the MEN who are responsible (Two wrongs don't make a right).

sweetheart.. WE JUS MAKE THE SPERM.. what it does after it's shot out is really not up to us.

I really do hope she isn't the one having the SEX TALK with her kids when they come of age..... scary thought.

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Anonymous said...

Yo wrote my exact thoughts and points.

Whether a mother brings up a male or a female child....its solely and purely, upto Mother Nature. Gender creation is not decided upon nor are the parents respondible, for it.

Ok....the male chromosomes hav both X and Y chromosomes....but does tat make the fathers responsible? Gud question.

Well, if you look at it, (in ur friend's point of view), maybe she was insisting that, the females do not have the Y chromosomes, then how can they create a 'male' child?

Its like you hav only chicken, in the platter, then how can you make 'mutton' korma???

People tend to understand things and facts, as they want it and the way they want it. We cant change tat.....unless tat person is ready to understand ur point of view and logic.

Anonymous said...

Well.. i dint think u guys were going to get so touchy on this subject!

What i was attempting to say (dint succeed i m sure) was that it is the man who decides and not the woman (she has no role to play).

Of course even the man cannot choose but it from him the gender origiates..

so relax guys.. just educate those idiots who think otherwise..

Coolness Personified said...

ur views r amazing raj...though the basis of the entire "debate" was stupid :-)

if wht ur friend said is true, we cud say that the father wud be held responsible if the kid turns out to be a spoilt brat....'cos without him there wouldn't have been a kid! lol

Anonymous said...

nd talking abt Sex education, i would surely tell my son the same thing.. dont ever think that the women has any role to play when it comes to gender choosing.. she just have to wait and see what the Almighty decides to choose from u men!

Anonymous said...

i strongly believe its all in the hand of Almighty God...
as Asha says yes we need to educate those idiots who blame mens or womens...shissh!!

Anonymous said...

hehe raj - yahaan bhi.
if the creator happens to read this he will definately think as a manufacturing defect in his models.......n then seriously think of redesigin his model for the 22nd century.........
shootin the right type of chromosome into the target ....sounds like a video game.
sounds like military battle - chief instructin his sperm soldiers to go n strike the target........LOL