Sunday, May 13, 2007

Not wearing a seat belt - SHOULD NOT BE A TRAFFIC VIOLATION

Some people wear a seat belt because they believe it is a safety measure. Some wear it out of habit. Some wear it because they just don't want to get a traffic ticket.

Before everyone starts yelling - looking at the title, lets just stop and think for a second.

How does me NOT wearing a seat belt effect anyone else?

If I am driving on the wrong side of the road or I am speeding or I have parked in a no parking zone or anything along those lines - I understand, there should be a fine. Because those things are either unsafe and/or cause inconvenience for other individuals on the road. I am totally cool when the above mentioned - or the likes - are considered as a traffic violation.

BUT NOT WEARING A SEAT BELT.. let's see, how does this really effect the other drivers on the road. If I do meet with an accident (well accidents do happen) then it's only me who will be getting injured because I CHOSE not to wear the seat belt. Does this REALLY cause any inconvenience or is it really a safety hazard for the others on the road? I don't think so.

I am all up for creating awareness and trying to impart road sense to the drivers, but if I chose NOT to wear a seat belt, in spite of knowing the risks, why should I be fined for it? It can definitely be considered irresponsible on my part. Some people would go to the limits of calling it immature or juvenile rebellious behaviour or having a problem with authority. But the point still stands.

Now people may argue with a point that - since you know that its unsafe for YOU - NOT TO WEAR A SEAT BELT - ARE YOU STUPID that you still insist on not wearing it??

My answer would be - perhaps.. if that's how you want to look at it, then OK, YES I AM STUPID. But the last time I checked, people weren't being fined for being stupid. If that practice were to be implemented... ummm I cant even begin to imagine what the state treasury would do with all the money they WILL end up collecting against the 'STUPIDITY FINE' clause.

just ma views on the matter.

Drive safe...

5 Opinions:

Coolness Personified said...

i agree with u raj....but lemme ask this....isn't ur safety (i mean safety of each and every individual in the state/country) the priority of the government? (not that i'm FOR being compelled to wear the belt)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...interesting points, me Lord, but if the law states tat, then jus do it.

Also its for ur safety and not for the other drivers.

If u wanna fly thru the wind-shield, after crashing on a concrete my guest. After all its ur life.

Now the penalizing part....well we all know tat to enforce a law, penalties and fines, hav to be implemented so tat the ppl follow it. If not, who the heck will adhere to and stick to it?????

But for you own sake.....pls buckle up yaar.

L o r d R a j said...

LOL.. good points, coolness n Jonyboy.. (coolness personified.. hmm nice nick)

now.. the safety bit.. yeah the state sure is responsible.. but if i were to look at it in that sense.. then CIGGS KILL.. n in THAT CASE the state should be imposin a fine on SMOKERS TOO... (like it isnt enough that we have to deal with the anti smokin activists day in n day out)..

now.. u see.. there r times when the FREE WILL should be respected.. n i think the SEAT BELT should be included in that list (jus as smokin should be.. n actually is.. someone please tell that to the anti smokin group)

Jonyboy.. ENFORCE A LAW!! see thats where ma problem is.. why should there be a law for SEAT BELTS. i agree for everythin else like speedin n all those.. but seat belt.... hmm dont know. jus ma views.

BTW - BUCKLE UP !!!! gonna take a hell lot more than fines to get me to buckle up.. (dad's yellin used to work at times)..

BarryUno said...

All you peeps make a fine point. Adding to jonyboy's post, what if you fly through the wind-shield, after crashing into a concrete barrier straight into another car? Now THAT would be endangering other people's lives too wouldn't it? ;-)

PS - This has been known to happen in Bollywood movies!

L o r d R a j said...


lots of stuff happens inBollywood movies ma friend.

but im still not convinced abt the seat belt thing.. who knows.. perhaps not enough grey matter to understand that..

well.. shit happens. :)