Monday, May 28, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean - At world's end

Ok.. it's a bit long (2hrs 45mins), but IMO it's worth it. If nothing else.. then Jack Sparrow is definitely worth the time.. Savvyy

Jonny Depp is too cool. Well actually Captain Jack Sparrow is too cool. So is captain Barbossa. Some of the one liners are just too good. I cant seem to make up my mind.. was it the words that were funny or was it the way it was said... but it was fun, that's for sure.

I still think the first one was the best. But the third one was good too. Kiera has a substantial role in the movie.. and she does it well, n looks great while doing it (well i like her, so even if she didn't, I'd still say she did... but I really think she did a great job here).

Alot more drama in this one. More on the story side as well, probably overdone a bit, but it didn't bore me.

Do watch it. I don't think anyone needs to be persuaded for a POTC movie, but still just doing my part.

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