Friday, August 24, 2007

chak de India

well... CHUCK IT.

Can't understand what about this movie is being appreciated. There is not one thing I can think off - that could be a positive for this movie. No .. SRK wasn't different. I was really hoping that I wouldn't see the same re-ACTIN ... err reactions.. but there it was, in the beginning itself.. the same look.. turn the neck, look behind.. one drop falls from the eye.. and some corny dialogue..

Talking about crappy dialogues -

"papa.. mujhe bhi gadaar dekhna hai" - WHO THE HELL TALKS LIKE THAT!!

Was in the theatre because my sister happens to be a huge fan of SRK. I was trying to be nice so decided to sit through, but couldn't take anymore of the trash and figured out that I can't be THAT NICE and walked out in the interval.

Folks watched the movie.. while I enjoyed a refreshing - and desperately needed - coffee at the Rio Cafe.

I might have stayed for the movie, but there was one line just before the interval that did it for me.

the dialogue was "humaari hockey mein chhake nahin hote"

You will have to watch that scene to figure out what was implied..

I wouldn't recommend this movie.. but lots of people think its a great movie.. (read the reviews online.. they say its a must watch).

guess I just have a very different view point of what should be categorised as a good movie.

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