Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Indian Cricket League

The League is yet to play a match but they are already in talks with sponsors (Videocon, LG, Hutch, Reliance, Coke and Pepsi). Interesting.

Even more interesting is that the cost of advertising is 3/4th of the cost that is normally paid for an India cricket match (Rs 1-2 Lacs for a 10 second commercial spot).

The thing that remains to be seen is how will the BCCI react to this. Some people are of the opinion that the BCCI would impose bans on the players (the 44 indian players included in the ICL), and they will not be allowed to play for the indian national team.

I personally believe that if the BCCI were to take such a step, it would be suicidal.

There is no ban imposed when the players play domestic cricket or county cricket. The BCCI doesn't control either of them. Then how would the BCCI justify a ban on players participating in the ICL?

Secondly, most of the players included in the ICL (not all, but most), wouldn't have a chance in the BCCI team anyways. It's not because they lack calibre or anything like that, but just look at the names featured in the ICL. These players have been around for some time. If they haven't got a chance with the BCCI yet, it's highly unlikely that they would be considered in the foreseeable future either (just an opinion).

How the ICL will turn out, well that remains to be seen, but the idea is definitely worth a shot.

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