Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just a point.

The other day, I had a rather interesting conversation with a close friend of mine. It started off with a simple statement, that some people are rude and unprofessional and they make people wait for hours inspite of scheduling an appointment.

Of course, like any other sensible individual, I completely agreed with that statement. The problem for me wasn't that statement, but an incident that was cited by my friend, with the intent of highlighting how inappropriate it is to make someone wait. Here is the incident:

Mr. Z - presently employed at XY co - had an interview at AB co.

the person at AB co. made Mr. Z wait for 2 hrs, inspite of scheduling an appointment for the interview. Mr. Z did not meet the requirements and hence was not hired by AB co.

On his return to XY co. he was handed his termination letter.

Now my good friend was (and actually still is) convinced that this happened because the person had been kept waiting.

My view on the matter is, Mr. Z deserved to be fired. I mean, here is a man who took an hour off from work, and did not return to work until after 2 hours. Unless it was an emergency, this is considered irresponsible behaviour. Giving an interview, in my opinion is NOT an emergency.

Yes he was kept waiting, but he knew that he was expected back at work in an hour. He should have reported back at work within the stipulated period. If he was going to be late - he should have at least informed his present employer.

I did mention these points to my friend, but for some reason, they didn't register for him.

Just thought id put it up here.. bas yuhin... time pass.

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Unknown said...

Reminds me of the crisi my close friend is facing this very moment. He went India after his father expired.He didn't return to office on time. To top it he called his GM askin for a two months extension to clear his fathers legal problems. Boss says NO and inform HR t reject the leave request. Hr informs him that he has already crossed his leave sanction date!!!

Boss, removes him from Sales Manager to salesman post and sashes 100KD from salary, taking back a few allowances and his laptop.

Now he is crying around to everyone of the injustice met out to him.

He is a good friend of mine so I called him all the galiyans I could!!

Happy Kitten said...

But.. terminating an employee for being late 1 hour is a drastic step! I am sure there must be another reason and if not, this organization is not worth working for.

In my opinion it is slavery. Of course we can talk about responsiblity and keeping time etc. but in Gulf who keeps all this? I think the employee should be given more value than this.

L o r d R a j said...

Happy Kitten..


I can only speak for myself.. n i wouldnt want an employee who does this.

If it is a valid reason.. fine. Givin an interview - Accordin to me - IS NOT A VALID REASON

besides, its always the employees cryin abt bad treatment n this n that.. wouldnt hurt to think from the employers point of view for a change.

Im not in a position to comment on the authenticity of the incident or be sure that it is the complete story..

but im relyin on the assumption that IF that story is authentic n the complete story.. then it is the employees fault.

its an opinion.

L o r d R a j said...

As an employer i would be more concerned abt the work being done rather than the time being spent in or out of the office.

but thats how i think.

i cant say for other people..

but there is somethin called commitment. (very different from dedication)

You are being paid a salary (to which you were agreeable to when you signed the contract).

You expect to be paid dont you?

the same way, the employer expects u to do your job.

Its pretty simple.

Firin the employee MIGHT be a rather extreme decision. perhaps a warning wouldve been ok.

but i dont think its IMPROPER. there is a valid reason for the termination.

Again.. it is just my view.

Happy Kitten said...

Well... let me know when u start ur company....