Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Last Legion


Please don't watch. Complete waste of time. Sad movie, sad characters and sad performances.

Aishwarya Rai - TOO FAKE, absolutely pathetic as a warrior. Horrible. I have never liked any of her performances or her looks (except for her eyes).

Collin Firth - Absolutely pathetic as a commander. Doesn't suit the role at all.

Ben Kingsley - Why would he want to do a movie like this, beats me.

Harry Van Gorkum plays Vortgyn - (the man in the golden mask). Absolutely pathetic character with nothing to do in the movie.

The whole idea of people pushing around THE NEW CAESAR is just too hard to swallow.

Regardless of the NEW CAESAR's age, he IS CAESAR - show him some respect will you. (I personally don't believe that being born into a blood-line implies you are superior, but - I am not a Roman living in 476 A.D.).

And when a legionnaire says HAIL CAESAR.. a bit of enthusiasm along those words is EXPECTED. But then, given the fact that the entire movie lacks any enthusiasm whatsoever... I guess one shouldn't make a fuss about this.

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