Monday, December 10, 2007

Six Degrees

Started watching a new series - Six Degrees. So far watched only three episodes. It is watchable, nothing extraordinary about it (so far), and nothing too irritating about it either.

To be honest, the only reason I bothered with this is because of Bridget Moynahan.

Of course, like every other series, this one has a bit of issues, but so far most of them are tolerable. Besides, I was getting bored of Heroes. The damn thing is turning into a soap opera.

2 Opinions:

BarryUno said...

I think I've watched one episode more than you. it looks like it's a pretty decent series but you've got to remember, it's made by the same guys who made Lost (same executive producers) so the chances of it becoming another soap opera are fairly possible. but the last I heard was ABC cancelled it temporarily due to poor ratings in the US so its future look bleak!

And yeah Bridget Moynahan is a hottie. I kinda like the girl who plays her sister in the series.

L o r d R a j said...

Episode 4 & 5 are being downloaded (at home), as we speak.

Cancel the show.. well no issues as long as the end it properly.

The problem that I have with most of these Tele series is that the producers don't WANT to end them. Sure the decision is based on the ratings and all that, but you know how it is right - there comes a point when the show is just dragging on.