Sunday, December 9, 2007

WHY CAN'T you be a GOOD human being?!?

Just received an email from a friend, who believes that I am NOT a good human being.

Which would all be fine (We are all entitled to our own opinion), except for the fact that, the basis of that statement was - "YOU DRINK YOU DOPE YOU SMOKE - WHY CAN'T YOU STOP THIS AND BE A GOOD HUMAN BEING?"

Well, with all due respect, I don't think any of those things have absolutely any implication on being a GOOD person.

There is alot more to being a GOOD person, than just being away from Alcohol, Tobacco and the likes.

Being a part of a charity organization or attending a place of worship regularly or contributing to an environmental cause - IS THAT ENOUGH to conclude that one is a GOOD human being?

Boy.. talk about stereotypes.

According to some, if you are actually having a good time in your life (I don't mean necessarily getting high, but having a good time in general), then you are DEFINITELY NOT A GOOD PERSON and God WILL punish you for actually going out to a club or spending time with your friends who don't share the same faith as yours. (Yes, have encountered some characters like this. Talk about Holier than thou).

At the same time, have also encountered people who say - "OMG you don't believe in THIS religion/god (yes, for some people, Religion equals God, God equals Religion, there is no distinction) - YOUR BELIEFS ARE WRONG BECAUSE OUR BELIEF IS THE ONLY TRUTH. HOW CAN YOU NOT ACCEPT THIS FAITH?"

So basically, discriminating against people and telling them that their beliefs are UNTRUE is also a requirement for BEING a GOOD PERSON. (haa!)

Having an open mind and actually questioning something that doesn't make sense - most likely translates that you are a disciple of the devil (if not the DEVIL HIMSELF).

I am not saying all the questions and doubts expressed are valid, sometimes the person might not be aware of the reasoning, and hence asks a question. So instead of shunning him/her out, why not just explain the thing or introduce them to a person who could clarify the question, instead of saying - "THIS IS MY BELIEF AND THIS IS THE ONLY TRUTH."

But then again, to each his own. I think I am a reasonably good human being (all things considered). My friends (the very few that I have) are of the same opinion too, but that definitely doesn't mean that everyone else should have the same opinion.

Just wish they would share a logical point (if any) that made them arrive at such conclusions. sigh.. hota hai, chalta hai, duniya hai

Woh karam ungliyon pe ginte hain
Zulm ka jinke kuch hisaab nahin!!

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BarryUno said...

Hey raj, isn't it funny how there seem to be more of these kind of people here than back home in India? Progression has in a lot of ways become regression.

I get that a lot by the way. The people that I am close to know the kind of person I am. And everyone else? I couldn't give a rat's ass! I'm quite a cool, witty, easy-going, mild mannered guy but to those that piss me off or try to hurt my friends and family I can be quite the villain!

And you're absolutely right about being slotted in a particular category - "The evil ones" Being a good human being doesn't essentially mean you've got to pray on time, not commit crimes and lead a dull and boring life! It's all about being able to influence other people's lives in a positive way and help them whenever you can! I wish people would get that - it's quite a simple philosophy really!

I think you and I are like the fictional character - Alan Shore in the legal drama Boston Legal. Shore is a smart, ruthless and unethical lawyer who sometimes bends the rules to save innocent clients! In essence he's a villain but he helps the innocent so technically he's a hero! Kind of like a modern day Robin Hood of sorts....among lawyers!

Either way, we're still unique you and I; so let's drink to that! ;-)

L o r d R a j said...

The EVIL ONES.. lol!

Alan Shore - now that really isn't too bad :).

lets drink to that.. Clink ;)

Thanks for sharing your views.

Sigma said...

Perhaps everyone has his or her own views to what the qualities of a "good human being" are. But, I do believe that being intolerant of other's views/opinions/faiths should definitely NOT be amongst them.
As far as my understanding goes, most (if not all) religions ask their followers to be sympathetic and harmonious towards people of other faiths. So, it surprises, in fact repulses, me when people claim that there faith is the ONLY TRUE faith.
Perhaps Bachhan [Harivansh Rai, that is ;-)] has expressed it best -
Madiralaya jae ko ghar se chalta hai peene wala
Kis path jaa_oo.n asmanjas mei.n hai wo ik bhola bhala
Alag alag path batlaate sab, lekin mai.n to kahta hoo.n
Raah pakaD tu ek chalaa chal, pa jayega madhushala!

L o r d R a j said...

Thanks for the comments

Beautiful lines Sigma... lekin..

ab na rahe wo peene waale, ab na rahi wo madhushaala :(

L o r d R a j said...

Sigma.. yaar aapne yaad dilaa di.. It is a beautiful poem. some of my favorite lines:

dharm-grandh sab jala chuki hai jiske antar kee jwaala

mandir masjid girje sab ko tod chuka jo matwaala

pandit momin paadriyon ke fandon ko jo kaat chuka

kar sakti hai aaj usee ka swaagat meri madhushaala

mere adharon par ho na antim wastu na tulsi-jal pyaala

mere jiwha par ho antim wastu na ganga-jal haala

mere shav ke peeche chalne-waalon yaad ise rakhna

ram-naam hai satya na kehna - kehna sachchi madhushaala!!!

Happy Kitten said...

Hey Raj.... now what did u really do to make that person say that? other than smoke and eat cheese bread?

In fact if u quit smoking we shall recommend you as the next saint.. so be happy that you are never gonna face that!

Raj.. please be urself.. but do try and quit smoking! I guess I am used to saying this to all smokers....

L o r d R a j said...

Happy - I did quit, for a while. In fact not only smoking, but I did quit everything else as well.

But then, I JUST DON'T WANT TO. I enjoy it too much :)

About the Sainthood, well that can wait. Now if it were Knighthood, now that would be interesting :) .

Thanks for the comments. Appreciate it.

Sigma said...

Ah! Mandir masjid bair badhate, meil karati madhushala!!