Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Nokia 3110 - EVOLVE?

When you see a cell phone model called Evolve, naturally one is curious to see what it offers.

The Nokia 3110 has the basic features: 1.3 Mp Cam, FM, Bluetooth, Infra-red and only 9 MB internal memory, but thankfully a micro SD slot. The battery will give you about 3.5 hrs talk time.

Doesn't support 3G and doesn't have WIFI either.

SO WHY CALL THE PHONE EVOLVE (??), When it has absolutely nothing new to offer and some of the stuff one would expect is missing too?

Reports suggest that the body panels have been made from some bio-sourced material . Cool, whatever (I honestly couldn't care less). Call the model ECO or something. A name like Evolve just gets our hopes up.

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