Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Australia bans uranium sale to India

No, It has nothing to do with the cricket thing (although, some people might love to make that connection).


In 2007, Mr Howard's government overturned a long-standing policy of not selling uranium to countries outside the NPT when it made a deal with India.

......Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said the move (banning the sale of Urnanium to India) fulfilled the new Labor government's election promise.


Now... err... all the people opposing the N-deal between India and US - see - DEAL OR NO DEAL, if someone wants to make an issue.. THEY WILL.

The situation is pretty similar. My point (which has always been the same on this issue) is don't say IF THE DEAL IS MADE, THE SITUATION WOULD BE WORSE.

If US and/or IAEA or the likes WANT to make the situation difficult for India - THEY WILL. Regardless of whether the deal is made or not. Does anyone seriously believe that if the US/IAEA decides to have an inspection of India's nuclear programs, then India can politely refuse without causing any tension? Does anyone seriously believe that sanctions will NOT be imposed if India hasn't signed the deal and is refusing inspection?

If anyone remembers the Smiling Buddha (Pokhran 1974), you should recall that India had not signed any deal, and yet sanctions were imposed (surprise surprise).

Iran is signatory to the NPT - and still is getting harassed.
India isn't a signatory- and is having trouble securing Uranium supplies for its nuclear programs.

The chances of having problems and some country making an issue about India's nuclear programs WILL REMAIN THE SAME (deal or no deal). It will not INCREASE if the deal is signed.

With the deal signed - India could actually manage to speed along their nuclear programs (if politicians and parties would just stop making an issue of everything).

In other words, the downside or the risk involved with signing the deal will remain exactly the same, even if the deal is NOT signed. However, if the deal IS signed, then there will be a significant advantage for India.

Is this really so difficult to understand?

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao... APNI AKAL LADAAO

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