Sunday, January 20, 2008

Karan Thapar - On the Nano


Let’s first see what would happen if the increase is not effectively managed. DowntoEarth, India’s most highly-regarded environmental magazine, says, “On a per passenger basis, a car emits two times more particulate matter that poses a serious health challenge compared to a two-wheeler and four times more compared to a bus”. If people who today use two-wheelers buy the Nano, pollution levels will sharply jump.

Can our cities tolerate this? The Central Pollution Control Board says more than half the 90 cities it monitors have particulate matter levels that are already critical. Any significant increase could make them unlivable.


Nice to see that there are SOME people left, who are still capable of an unbiased view. Of course, the TOI can go ahead and label them Elitist or Casteist, but I have already shared my views on that.

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