Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hate the Nano? - You are a CASTEIST - India

Not elitists but neo-casteists - hate the Nano (Title of the TOI Article)
The negative response to the Nano springs from neo-casteism. Those who oppose the Nano not only have their own non-people's (often chauffeur-driven) limousines, but these limousines frequently ferry them to and from international airports which they whizz through to attend seminars on global warming, carbon emissions and sustainable development (we'll do the developing; you can do the sustaining). In fact, the other great bete noire of technological casteists apart from the Everyman car are Everyman cheap air fares.
The shitty article - Click here

OK.. Elitist is actually a word, but Casteist?? hmm. Did a Google search using the define attribute - No results, word not found (link).

Did a web search for the word - Did find results. All the results appearing on the first page, were from Indian newspapers/sites (link) - No I didn't bother to check out the other pages for the search results. So I am assuming (I might be wrong), that this term is coined by the Indian press. I am sure you would know what the word is supposed to mean.

Coming back to the article - This is just STUPID and horrible biased reporting.

NANO is a great car - is an opinion.
NANO IS A SHITTY CAR - is an opinion too.

The points made about road congestion are VALID ARGUMENTS. This pathetic excuse for a car (yes, I think it is a trashy car), this glorified three wheeler, this this... 623 cc piece of crap - will cause a lot of issues, ranging from road congestion, parking, pollution, what not. These are all valid points of argument.

If one doesn't want to bother with these - fine. No issues. Throw these comments out and don't look at them again. Don't acknowledge them even. But, don't rubbish these comments, by associating it to a stupid word like Casteist!

If anyone actually dares to say it out aloud (that Nano is a shitty car) - great - you are a castesist - Well this is what I think - Fuck You!

Sure the advancements made, the efforts and the achievements of the engineers should be appreciated and all that, but that doesn't mean that if anyone doesn't like the car, then he or she is being a snob!

Everyone gets to have an opinion. You like the car - Your opinion. I hate it - My opinion. Why bring in upper caste, lower caste, U and non U's - If you read the article, you would know what I am referring to. Not liking the Nano doesn't mean one is a snooty snobbish racist or elitist or whatever.

It perhaps only means that the individual can think and has not been swayed by the media reports and is willing and capable of calling a spade a spade.

This has nothing to do with being Elitist or Upper class, or anything else, as this pathetic article suggests.

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Anonymous said...

*rolls his eyes* Ahh.. peasants..

*Sits on his royal elephant and moves along*

~ Steele

L o r d R a j said...



Happy Kitten said...

Well Raj.. u do sound like an "elitist" whatever the word truly means...

IMO the nano is not going to add pretty much to the already clogged and polluted Indian roads.. instead of crying over this it is time we took care of the infrastructure. And when u look at a middle Class family, it is definitely a dream come true for most of them to own a car finally. Let them enjoy and let those who wants to drive luxury cars stop crying on the congestion. Live and let live.

As for pollution, I dont think Nano will pollute more than the next car.

L o r d R a j said...

Happy -

DowntoEarth, India’s most highly-regarded environmental magazine, says, “On a per passenger basis, a car emits two times more particulate matter that poses a serious health challenge compared to a two-wheeler and four times more compared to a bus”. If people who today use two-wheelers buy the Nano, pollution levels will sharply jump.

L o r d R a j said...

Infrastructure development.. is WHAT IS NEEDED.. I COMPLETELY AGREE with that.

But that development has to take place before an affordable PEOPLE'S CAR (albeit a shitty one) is made available to the public.

It is common sense. Not rocket science.

What the engineers have managed to achieve and accomplish is great and needs to be appreciated, but it should remain as a concept until the feasibility issues have been sorted out..

psst - More roads would help, but that is NOT a permanent solution.

there is an article by Karan Thapar which explains the whole thing in detail. Have put that up too on my blog.

Anonymous said...

then Raj.. what if Indians really become rich and starting owning more than one car per family? where do we cry then? This atleast will only be owned by the lower middle class family who dont care if they are seen around on a nano.. but now the consumption of cars are rising, and it is not only the nano's that they are buying..

L o r d R a j said...

I sound like an Elitist..


wonder why you think so..

is it because I prefer a car to be more like a car and not a 623 cc toy with reinforced bajaj chetak wheels?

L o r d R a j said...

Anonymous - did I say selling other cars (or any vehicle) doesnt add to pollution?

All I am saying is that NANO IS a shitty car (if you want to call it a car).

and I oppose the TOI article for stating that anyone hating the Nano is a CASTEIST!

Having an affordable car in the market is a great idea, provided you have the infrastructure in place that would support such a huge number of cars and drivers on the roads..

In my opinion, that is NOT the case right now - the product should be made available ONLY when you have the infrastructure in place.. and NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

Infrastructure development definitely would take more time, than commercialising an affordable concept car..

again.. it is called COMMON SENSE.

Anonymous said...

no.. it is because you dont think abt those who would love to own such a car, even if it is shitty as u call... remember.. they r not used to driving a real car with all those gadgets and luxury.. but they might have driven on a 2 wheeler.. and as said with one child in the front and one behind... knowing very well that a small mistake may cost the precious lives of their loved ones, specially on the famous Indian roads, where the buses have scant respect for anything that moves which si smaller.

L o r d R a j said...

Am I or anyone else stopping anyone from buying the NANO?

Did i say anyone shouldn't buy the damn thing?

arrey, be my guest.. by all means.

BTW.. that line (scooter one kid in front and one kid at the back with mommy) that Ratan Tata used in the interview, it is a lift off from a Russel Peters show.

but of course.. no body is going to see that.. Media is very selective.

I am sure Ratan Tata didn't come up with that line, it must've been written for him ..

but all said and done.. who cares right..

you want to call him an honest caring business man well go ahead.

I just think he is a smart business man who is making good money for himself and a monkey out of the others.

Happy Kitten said...

Hey.. annonymous is me.. dont know how i ended up anonymous!

L o r d R a j said...

Happy - Thought so :)

and now.. there is absolutely nothing wrong with him making money.. i mean.. it is completely valid.. what is wrong with it.

I just voiced my view against the rotten article in TOI..

about not liking the Nano.. well It is an opinion.. I think it is a glorified three wheeler which will add to problems.

Others have a different view.

but regardless.. the article in TOI was horrible.. CASTEIST... haaa

Happy Kitten said...

Of course he is smart and there is money involved too.. now Maruti 800 also sells for 1.5 to 2 lakhs and is going to pollute and clog as much as the Nano.. so I guess we just have to bear with it..

L o r d R a j said...

Happy - If you read the TOI article, perhaps you will understand more clearly as to what I oppose.

Nano as a car, being shitty, is my opinion.

I think the Maruti 800 is crappy too.

that is an opinion too, and it varies from person to person.

but the TOI article states something else.


about the TOI article saying the pollution worries and road congestion points are just stupid excuses.. well I just wanted to point out that they are infact very valid points - BUT IF YOU WANT TO BRUSH THEM ASIDE - (as you said - we have to bear with it) - THEN FINE..I COULDN'T CARE LESS.

but don't call me a CASTEIST because I have an opinion different from yours

Mr. M said...

the implication of the article is quite clear. at the very sight of the word "casteist" i was sure that there's no such word. considering pollution, gimme a break! i mean, is that really a matter of concern???....something similar to taking a drop out of the ocean! everyone is open to have their own opinions and views...but being referred to as a casteist for bearing a negative thought on the nano is really aweful.

also gotto say, some of the comments posted were really hilarious!

L o r d R a j said...


Well the word WASN'T there when I did the search back in 2008.

It seems to have been included NOW.

Damn - should have taken a screenshot.

Surya Murali said...

I was gonna point it out... that the word has been included in Google's hallowed halls of search!


Well, about the Nano...
Shitty car... agreed!
Affordable... agreed!

I bought it 'coz everytime I wanted to get from point A to point B, I either had to borrow papa's car or take a rick or cab.
Now, being a Bombayite... I would rather drive a rickshaw on those roads than a big car, 'coz of obvious reasons.
BUT, I would definitely look caricaturish driving a rickshaw around... SO, I bought a Nano! :D