Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Kingdom



It's a weird movie. Definitely the makers have been misinformed about how things really are in the region. Liked the bull-shit bureaucracy bit and I really enjoyed the torture sequence, shooting sequences, the chase and all. But .. err... the movie is .. well It has issues.

Americans (FBI AGENTS) going on a shooting rampage in the middle east, hard to swallow, don't you think? I mean, it is not like they are part of the American Armed Forces in the region or THE KINGDOM has authorised them to conduct a military operation. They are FBI AGENTS (which, in my opinion is a fact that the makers forgot - a few minutes into the movie).

With all that has been going around - off late - (for example - click here) it is hard to take the FBI seriously as an investigating agency. Having them LEADING A MILITARY OPERATION is ... well you know.

The movie isn't a complete waste of time. It is watchable. It is kind of enjoyable too. But the makers did mess up with this one.

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