Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Aap aaye janaab barason mein

Rustom Sehgal Wafa ...

aap aaye janaab barason mein
humne pi hai sharaab - barason mein

phir se dil ki kali khili apni
phir se dekha sabaab - barason mein

tum kahaan the - kahaan rahe saahib
aaj hogaa hisaab - barason mein

pahle naadaan the ab hue daanaa
unko aayaa aadaab - barason mein

issi ummid pe main zindaa huun
kya vo denge javaab - barason mein

2 Opinions:

Anonymous said...

hey! u have an swesome collection of poetry. where do you read it?books?ghazals?

L o r d R a j said...

Well, do have a stack of old songs and some records. Dad's collection.

Listening to those got me interested and now dad doesn't listen to ghazals much but I do.

Other than that, I do have a few books as well.

Whenever I do come across something I like, I jott it down along with my collection.

now a days, you could probably find a lot of these over the net itself. Just google it. :)