Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bhajji Slaps Sreesanth


Well a slap or a push, or whatever, I personally don't think there is a problem. At least me and some of my friends have had this opinion for a while that Sreesanth needed to be slapped around a bit.

Now he gets the whack from me or from Bhajji or from anyone else, I couldn't care less.

More importantly, Sreesanth says the issue is over and he doesn't want to pump it up further. I am sure Bhajji wants it over with too. So why bother?

Raat gayi, baat gayi. No, I am not a Bhajji fan, but I do believe that Sreesanth has had the whack coming his way for a long time now. Lets hope this sobers down dancing boy - at least a bit.

Besides, it's not like he whacked Sreesanth during the game. It was after the match was over. This could very well be ignored by everyone and viewed as a non-cricket issue and perhaps more of a personal issue (At least I would consider it along those lines).

Bhajji.. well he chucks anyways. Couldn't care less about what happens to him.

I still don't understand why the media ran all the way to Bhajji's and Sreesanth's folks for this issue. I mean, it's not like these guys are in secondary school or something and the guardians need to be informed about their ward's behaviour.

India TV's coverage of the entire incident - HILLARIOUS. I do watch India TV, for a good laugh, when there is nothing better showing on the tele.

2 Opinions:

Anonymous said...

You are speaking my words Raj, very well said. I am 100% agree with you. Raat gayi baat gayi... khalli walli karo yaar. donno why bloody this media is making big of it?
btw I too was watching news channel other day (for a Laugh); they giving crap that 'Harbajan ne ye thappad, Sree ko hi nahi, Sachin ko bhi mara, Yuvi ko mara, puri team ko mara, poore India ko maara...and blah WTF.. I realized how cheap our media can go.
inko sala kuch aur news nahi mil rahi.
Bechara bhajji... must be thinking 'mere thappad ki goonj to Dr. Dang se bhi zyada goonj rahi hai saare hindustan me'..haa

L o r d R a j said...

LOL@ your Dr.Dang take.

Nice one.

It's not like I am a Bhajji fan or anything, but this is more like.. baigaane ki shaadi mein abdulla diwaana.

and the media... yaar some of these news channels should be called full time comedy channels.

saale beep beep.

But again, the problem is that a certain section of the audience actually wants more of such crappy reporting from the media.

Can't just blame the media entirely, given that the audience lacks a refined taste.