Monday, April 7, 2008

Traffic Fine - Paid Online

The option has been available on the site for a long time (pay online link), but I could never get it to work earlier.

The last time I had tried, it didn't work. It wouldn't let me pay off my speeding fines, message stated something like I couldn't select these and had to go to the Traffic Dept. and clear them off.

Today morning, I was checking, there was a speeding violation (the previous ones were cleared off at the time of passing). I decided to give the PAY ONLINE thing another try.

Didn't work the first time. (transaction failed)

Had my online banking site open as well and was checking if the amount would be deducted regardless of me not getting any confirmation from MOI.

Tried again - confirmation appeared. Got a print out.. (MOI logo and all that) checked online banking. amount deducted. Checked online again for fines, the speeding violation had been cleared off.

BTW.. there is a .500 fils fee for paying the fines online. (a small price to pay, for the convenience)

MOI Website

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