Saturday, April 19, 2008

Vantage Point


The movie is thrilling, just not as much as I would like it to be. There are a few good sequences (loved the car chase) but then.. somehow just didn't seem enough. The first 49 mins 44 seconds, from my view - were uninspiring. I was finding it hard to keep myself interested. After that. The movie did liven up.

The president has been shot, a secret service agent decides to investigate the scene with.. hang on now - A SPECTATOR'S CAMCORDER (of course, later on moves into a slightly more professional mode, after realizing how stupid this would seem to the viewers, and takes his investigation to the crew of a news network.. hmm better than a camcorder anyway)

The performances were stupid, over the top - at times and not really what I like to see. The script is definitely unimaginative

And Anna.. the girl with the ice-cream cone... 

Standing in the middle of the highway staring at a charging ambulance and screaming " Maaamaa"

Arrey! move out of the way. How stupid do they think  kids really are? I am sure when they see a charging car coming towards them, they know they should move out of the way.

Dennis Quaid is easily the best thing about this movie (this should give you an idea of how much this movie really lacks). No surprise about his role or performance

Matthew Fox - Never liked him, doubt I ever will. Have hated this guy from the time I have been watching Lost. Could be his buzz cut that gets me worked up, or could be just his pathetic acting. Whatever it is, I just don't like him.

Forest Whitaker - Occasionally I do appreciate his work - I did like him in the Last King of Scotland, but more often than not - I just wish that I don't have to see him in another movie.  

The movie is watchable, tolerable but definitely not something one would (or should) recommend. Time pass.

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