Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bhajji-Sreesanth Crap

I had posted about this a few days back.

Just putting it up here because a good friend of mine -Azim - has put up stuff about this on his blog as well.

Great post, dost!

Ohh.. and I would also like to mention -Sreesanth - TERI MONKEY. :D

I wish he gets a few more whacks.

And while we are on the topic of cricket, what the fuck is up with Gangu Teli!! (Link to the news)

Delaying the game, taking his own sweet time, asking the umpire to consult the third umpire? Guess he forgot - the Royals are in the Rajasthan Royals team. Or perhaps un ko dekh ke isko bhi zamindaari yaad aa gayi hogi. Haaye oye tere tashan (crtsy - Omkaara).

You don't get to be 'Prince of Kolkata' forever - I mean, ab bas bhi kar. Sudhar jaa chutiye.. warna tujhe bhi padegi.

BTW - Shane Warne.. Too cool. :) Always liked this guy.

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