Sunday, May 11, 2008

Satellite Cams

An email being forwarded around -


Beware of satellite camera in 30,40,50 roads.

Dear all,
Satellite cameras are installed in 30,40,50 number roads and if any one while driving cross speed above 120 will be charged any were irrespective of the place.
if violated more severe fine and deportation will be the result.

Even if you drive above 120 in any remote areas covering 30, 40, 50 roads too you will be fined. Be careful and control your over speed.

My views:

Is it possible? - Yes. Most likely.
Is it feasible? - I don't think so.

That email should have been sent as a simple - Drive safe - don't speed message as opposed to going all 'Enemy of The State - ish'

Monitoring the speed - well that's the easy part. If you know how the GPS system works, there is no need to explain how it can easily monitor the speed. But THAT is not all that is required for what the email is suggesting.

The Satellite has to take a pic of the license plate of the speeding vehicle and relay it to the MOI - Kuwait. I seriously doubt anyone would be interested in spending the time or the money to implement such a set up for monitoring the traffic.

I am sure they can come up with better uses for the satellite(s) than monitoring the roads for speed limit violations.

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao. Just my thoughts. I might be wrong (at present, I don't think I am wrong), but hey, at least I thought about the content for a while before deciding to forward it to everyone in my address book.

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