Tuesday, May 27, 2008

IPL bats its way into business school syllabi

That's the headline on TOI - Link

The article has some rather interesting statements from Mr. Ramesh Bhat (apparently a Dean at a business school)


We plan to offer an elective in sports management. We want the IPL team to help us design the course," said Ramesh Bhat, dean, school of business management at NMIMS. According to him, there's a lot to learn from the IPL's contract arrangements, with remuneration being based on performance.

"IPL has huge implications for the country," said Bhat. The authorities at Mudra Institute of Communications-Ahmedabad (MICA), and S P Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) in Andheri also echo his views.

It seems that remuneration being based on performance is not only a groundbreaking concept but also something that Mr. Ramesh Bhat has never heard of before. Figures. I mean, for a person who thinks that - IPL (a cricket league) has huge implications for the country - actually gets to be the dean of a business school.... sigh.

Now, if they suggested to have the IPL 'phenomenon' as a case study or something along those lines, I could very well understand. Sure it would make a great case study - what with marketing, organisation, leadership and all that jazz involved. But stating that it has huge implications for the country... come on.. thoda zyaada nahin hogaya?

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