Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jesus Diaz From Gizmodo Is Upset With “Zuck And His Cronies”

As someone who lost two babies I can't imagine anything worse that announcing a pregnancy on Facebook. But that's what Zuck and his cronies just did.

Now you can add a "new family member" that hasn't been born yet, even with a due date. Because, you know, that's exactly what you want to do, tempt fate by announcing your not-yet-born child, have everyone congratulate you on your wall and then, if something horrible happens, have to take your unborn child out of the list of family members. And of course, have morons write in your wall how sorry they are about your loss.

Really smart.


That’s from Gizmodo penned by Jesus Diaz

This is weird for me. I am NOT a FaceBook (FB) fan. I don’t even have a FB account anymore. In fact, I hate the damn thing. It’s a great example and should be included as a case study in Marketing / Business Studies courses - but I hate it nevertheless. So you see - it’s weird for me to see an article with an anti FaceBook tone and not be able to agree with it.

Mr. Diaz, you do realise that you don’t HAVE TO announce the pregnancy on FB, right? It’s an option which the user can use or ignore.

  • IF you want to - go ahead.
  • IF you don’t want to – no body is going to put a gun to your head and make you do it.

Tempt fate bla bla – seriously, THAT’s your argument ?!?

If you are driving your BMW and decide to drive like a moron resulting in you having a head-on collision with a tree - is it BMW’s fault for putting an accelerator in the car or god’s fault for putting a tree at that spot? OR did you tempt fate and piss off god by having your BMW polished last week?

Now FaceBook has put up an option - you don’t HAVE TO use it, if you don’t want to. You can’t blame Zack and his cronies if you decide to use FB while putting your brain on hold / in the freezer / whatever it is you do.

If you do decide NOT to use your brains – well at least you won’t be alone. Shit loads of people have decided just that and you can see them updating their FB Status Message(s) every ten minutes.

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