Monday, August 29, 2011

Shoe For A Shoe – Rajasthan Assembly

Congress MLA Raghu Sharma interrupted BJP's Pramila Kundara while she was speaking in the House. Ms Kundara accused Mr Sharma of illegally transferring public land to his wife. This allegedly prompted  Mr Sharma's sexist remark, "This is the Vidhan Sabha, not a ramp for modeling."

A sandal was hurled from the BJP section at the Congress. It's not clear who took aim. Mr Sharma later claimed the slipper "was flung by BJP MLA Bhawani Singh Rajawat inside the House."

Not about to take the high road, Mr Sharma then held up his shoe menacingly at the Opposition.


Am I the only one who thinks allowing guns inside the Parliament and Legislative Assembly would be a good idea?

Every party should have one. Or at least the major parties should be allowed to carry guns (recession, economy and all that nonsense about not wasting tax payers money). The smaller parties / independents should be allowed to carry switch blades / pocket knives.

Shoes, sandals, mics – clearly, these aren’t effective enough. Guns and knives will definitely improve the situation. Ek-do marenge, agreed – but after that, aaltu faaltu kachra crowd will (hopefully) be a bit discouraged from attending the parliament/legislative assembly proceedings.

Oye Anna – aaja. Another ‘issue’ for you to fast over. Bring that crying Bedi along as well. Faaltu mein shor machaane ka ek aur mauka. And hopefully ek aadhi goli tum dono ko bhi lag jaayegi. What a way to break the fast, eh – A bullet to shut up your loud mouths.

Hum to kehte hain, Afzal Guru ko phaansi do… BUT before hanging him – please give him one more chance to rid us of these politicians. Arrey! They have been feeding him all these years (citizen’s taxes at work), can’t we expect even THIS much in return??!

Yeh LIBERTY ki chappal hai!!

Now, did Sharma ji misunderstand the question OR was the correspondent being the now typical media reporter / journalist i.e. idiotic investigative journalist trying to report every detail – relevant or not.

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