Thursday, August 11, 2011

SM Krishna Gets Confused … Again

Yaar, Krishna uncle confuse bahut hote hain. Anyone remember the UNSC screw up where Krishna read the wrong speech!? [Link]

This time, Krishna ji got confused at the Rajya Sabha. He was asked about a prisoner – Dr. Mohammad Khalil Chisti and what was the update regarding his release. Please note - Dr. Chisti is being held in Ajmer, India.

Krishna ji responded that the Pakistani government should consider the age / condition of the prisoner and release him on humanitarian grounds, and that India will pursue this at the level of the high commissioner. Clearly Krishna uncle was talking about someone else. As reported in TOI / Hindustan Times etc:

" The question raised is with reference to a particular person who is detained in Pakistan." He further said, "It is a question which needs to be considered by government of Pakistan on humanitarian grounds. He is confined to wheelchair and he is 80-plus. These are factors which mitigate. I am sure, the government of Pakistan will take a lenient view about this particular case. We will, certainly, pursue this at the level of high commissioners."


Leave before someone pushes you out. Thodi bahut izzat bacchi hui hai, bachi rehne do. Iss umar mein kyon tension lete ho!? Kahin aisa to nahin ke Hina Rabbani ki yaad mein Krishna uncle ab Ghajni ban gaye??! Kuch bhi nahin yaad, Hina Rabbani ke siwa. Sigh….

Manmohan Singh should consider relieving Krishna ji of his duties – on humanitarian grounds.

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