Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stupidity ≠ Art ! Please Stop!

Artist Injects Herself With Horse Blood, Wears Hooves

Marion Laval-Jeantet has injected herself with horse blood plasma as part of an artistic project exploring trans-species relationships.

Laval-Jeantet and her creative partner Benoit Mangin (working as the collective Art Orienté Objet) were keen to explore the blurring of boundaries between species in the piece, entitled May the Horse Live in Me. Laval-Jeantet prepared her body to accept the horse blood plasma by getting injected with different horse immunoglobulins over the course of several months.


“Artist”!?? Somebody please tell this retard crazy bitch idiot woman that this is NOT art!

Seriously! WTF happened? When did planet earth get invaded by an army of idiots? Think about it (if humans are still capable of thinking), we now have a population that is fine with shit like:

  • SRK is a superstar?! Now listed as one of the greatest actors!
  • Kareena Kapoor is referred to as a top actress!? That’s not even funny!
  • Chetan Bhagat calls himself an author???? And not only gets away with it but even manages to sell shit loads of his crap books!
  • Bush Jr lives on without a functioning brain.
  • Sarah Palin still hasn’t been shot at or shot herself!
  • Daniel Craig is James Bond!!?!!???

And now – injecting yourself with horse blood and wearing hooves is ART!!!

Shoot me.. shoot me NOW!

Dekh tere sansar ki haalat kya hogayi bhagwaan - kitna badal gayaa insaan.
sooraj na badlaa, chaand na badlaa, naa badlaa re aasmaan - kitna badal gayaa insaan. 

If you thought Wafaa Bilaal was a moron, what do you call Marion Laval-Jeantet??

In case you don’t remember, here is the Wafaa Bilaal nonsense:

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Elegant Chic said...


And they call this an "artistic" project?!?!! How in the world!!!!!

People really seem to have lost their minds!

L o r d R a j said...