Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bhupinder Kandra Should Get His Head Examined

I had posted earlier about a Comtel Air flight refusing to take off until the passengers paid additional money.

For that incident, (as reported by the BBC) - Bhupinder Kandra stated that the passengers will receive a refund of the additional amount paid.

Bhunpinder (sic) Kandra, director of passenger services for Comtel Air, said: "I have heard what happened, it shouldn't have happened, and I will investigate why it happened.

"The people who had to pay the money will receive a refund."

Now he barks again has issued another statement:

Bhupinder Kandra, the majority shareholder in the airline involved Comtel air, told Today presenter Justin Webb that he would not be paying the passengers back, as they were owed the money by travel agents who booked the flight and not by the airline.


It’s bad enough that Comtel Air is NOT going to refund the amount to those passengers. What makes it even worse is - there is yet another flight being delayed and Bhupinder says the flight will NOT take off unless the passengers pay up another EUR 125 each!

His point is – the travel agent has not paid HIM. Either the Indian government pays or the passengers pay or the British government pays or someone pays the money into his office or else the flight will not take off.

Aakhir apni zaat dikha hi di. Chotte log humeshaa chotte hi rahenge. Doesn’t matter if they become the director of passenger services or majority shareholders.

Agar business nahin sambhaal sakte to shuru kyon karte ho?

I seriously hope someone sues this guy for every last penny he has.

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