Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WalkSafe – An App To Help You Cross The Road (??!!)


Researchers at Dartmouth College and the University of Bologna in Italy have developed an Android app that uses the camera on a smart phone to detect oncoming traffic.

The app relies on machine-learning and image-recognition algorithms to identify the fronts and backs of vehicles, and takes into account varying light conditions, phone tilt, and blur. When WalkSafe detects a car approaching at 30 miles per hour or faster, it vibrates the phone and makes a sound to alert the distracted user.



Clearly, the researchers are convinced that Android users are super dumb.

Ok, I'll play along. Here are a few questions:

  • Agreed that the pedestrian is distracted and ignores the oncoming traffic. What about the driver? How come the driver can't see the idiotic pedestrian??
  • What about the cars coming in from the other side? Ever heard of a two-way street or is that an alien concept?
  • Given that the makers believe an app is needed to save us from jumping in front of an oncoming car, my next question is - Does the app start off with a splash screen - insisting that this crap will work only if the phone camera is facing the direction of the oncoming traffic?

4 Opinions:

Surya Murali said...

Does the app come with a free headband... to strap the phone in front of your eyes? :D
Evidently, anyone who downloads the app does not trust his/her eyes.

L o r d R a j said...

I think whoever made this app should apply for a job at Apple.

They would like to have an in-house crazy nonsense app developer

Surya Murali said...

Oh... if he/they is/are to work for Apple... you can say goodbye to a 'free' headband.
Please shell out $$$ for it... you can have it in candy pink and all blinged up, though! :D

L o r d R a j said...

Well, there is always a price to pay for that Apple logo.

*rolls eyes