Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stupidity – Apparently There Is No Limit


Jaipur company dupes 1.75 lakh people of over Rs 200 crore

Jaipur: A company called Gold Sukh has allegedly swindled over 1.75 lakh investors of crores of rupees and shut shop all of a sudden. The company that operated out of Jaipur had promised a 150 per cent increase in investments in 18 months.

Though there are no clear estimates, it is believed that over Rs 200 crore has been swindled. The company ran its fraud in 27 cities across the country. The four directors of this company have vanished.


Read the rest of the article and you will be surprised as to just how stupid people can be. I had a very difficult time. I mean.. I know "people" – in general, are a stupid lot, but THIS was too much.


"They used to say give us Rs 23,000 and We (sic) will give you Rs 23 lakh in two years. But when I came here I found nobody and the place was locked," said one angry investor.

Yes. A lot of people say a lot of things. That doesn't mean you have to believe everything, does it??! There is a reason why you have a brain. USE IT you dumb fuck!


"I never went to Gold Sukh. They came to our home and told us to invest. I had invested money for my daughter's wedding and they assured me nothing will happen," said another.

It will be extremely difficult to surpass this gentleman on the stupidity scale. He never even went to their offices! He had money saved for his daughter's wedding and how does he handle those savings? Someone knocks on his door and assures him that nothing will happen to the money, and this guy hands it over!?!?


"There is information that they have left the country, but we will arrest them where ever they are," said BL Soni, Commissioner of Police, Jaipur.

ROTFL. Commissioner uncle – Jaago!

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