Thursday, May 24, 2012

According To The UPA – Tejas Has Been Inducted

  • In 2011, I had questioned the Made In India tag given to the Tejas [Link].
  • TOI had put up articles stating that Tejas is going to cost shit loads and not going to be ready for induction till 2013. Two fully operational squadrons would be available only by 2015 [Link].
  • And now, we have the UPA yapping that Tejas induction is one of the major milestones achieved under its leadership [Link]!

If anyone were to actually read up about the Tejas project – it would be extremely difficult to consider this as an achievement (by any stretch of one's imagination).

It is rather embarrassing to think that even after 30 years and spending about INR 17,269 Crores (initial budget was 526 Crores and it is likely that the project will end up costing 25,000 Crores) – Tejas is not completely Indian. Even after putting in a more powerful engine (also imported), the damn thing at best would just be a medium to low-end fighter.


That's not all. The first test-flight of the Tejas Mark-II version, with more powerful American GE F-414 engines, will be possible only by December 2014, with its production beginning in June 2016. And even then, the Tejas will just be a medium to low-end fighter, not a high-end air dominance one [Link] .

Claiming that this damn thing has been already inducted (when obviously it has not been) is bad. But I honestly can't understand why would ANYONE want to take 'credit' for this pathetic project which only highlights the incompetence of the Aeronautical Development Agency, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) and Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

Chutiye saale.

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