Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mamata Banerjee says Marxists and Maoists plotting to kill her with ISI


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee says that Marxists and Maoists are plotting to kill her in league with the Pakistani intelligence, North Korea, Venezuela and Hungary.

Banerjee told the Washington Post how her "Marxist political opponents were plotting with Maoist rebels to discredit and kill her".

They were in league with the Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) agency of Pakistan and that this alleged plot was financed by North Korea, Venezuela and Hungary.

"They have given me the death sentence," she said.


Ignoring that the loud-mouth bitch Mamata Banerjee believes the world revolves around her and is too full of herself, let us - for a while, assume that there is some validity to her outrageous claims.

Mamata ji – if all these people want you dead and there are agencies from all over the globe willing to finance the plot, don't you feel that it is proof enough that there is something seriously wrong with you and your politics?? You must have done something extremely terrible to piss off all these people/agencies/countries.

It is a bit difficult to believe that people would want you dead solely because of your ugly face and extremely irritating/annoying voice. These might be adding to the extreme HATE they feel for you, but it can't be the primary reason.

Do the world a favour and go kill yourself. Save everyone some money. There is no reason why the economies of the world should subsidise your death. Have you seen the state of the world economy?! No reason to burden them with this as well.

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